Leadership 360

Because the QuietWaters Counseling Team engages leaders within the context of their key ministry relationships and takes a systems-sensitive approach we believe in the 360 process. We believe in assessing problems comprehensively and proposing solutions which facilitate both individual and corporate responsibility.

Leadership 360’s (L360) are an effective tool for helping individual leaders and their entire team grow in both leadership character, competency and ministry community. Because leaders are frequently overexposed and underdeveloped they are at risk of becoming isolated, under performing or over functioning and eventually breaking trust or burning out. When these patterns are combined with a lack of intentional feedback they pose both a risk to themselves and the team due to a lack of accountability. L360’s are advocated as an antidote to these individual and team dysfunctions. L360s stage a credible process for life giving feedback within a ministry team committed to high trust and high impact both relationally and strategically. 

Among the many benefits of this process include…

Individual Growth both in Character and Competency:

Leaders that benefit from 360’s are able to construct a credible Growth Plan based on numerous assessments and feedback from their workplace colleagues and organizational stakeholders. This systems oriented growth process enables the leader to target the most crucial areas of improvement their life and leadership. It is also an affirmation of the key strengths and assets they bring to their organization. This increased commitment and accountability to their own maturity and capacity creates a positive ripple effect throughout the entire team and organization.

Improved Team Development

This feedback approach helps the team learn to work more effectively together. Team members often know more about other staff members than their supervisors. Multi-rater feedback makes team members more accountable to each other as they share the knowledge that they will provide input on each member’s performance. A well-planned process will improve communication, reduce conflict and enhance trust.

Increased Organizational Health:

The L360 feedback is one of the best methods for understanding both personal and organizational developmental needs. Targeting those needs with strategic growth plans enables the organization to achieve it’s mission and vision. 

The Process:

Typically 5-8 leaders are selected to respond to a list of questions provided by QuietWaters about the leader who is the focus of the 360. Live interviews are also used in the evaluation process. The information provided will be reviewed by the QW Leadership Coach in order to understand how the client’s team experiences his/her strengths and weaknesses and to provide constructive feedback to the client and the team.

This can be accomplished using different or combined methods of 360 feedback.

  1. L360s may be used in the context of scheduled Intensives.
  2. L360s may be used in the context of a Coaching Contract with your organization.
  3. L360s are accomplished using both 1&2

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