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  • "We cannot thank our QuietWaters counselor enough for helping us recover from a year and a half of loss, grief and pain. QuietWaters is such a valuable and effective “hands and heart and wisdom” of Jesus."

    - Missionaries with Christian Missionary Alliance

  • "I had been struggling with severe depression because of very severe ministry issues that over time I simply could not get through. The counselor that my wife and I had in our session was friendly, funny and incredibly gifted in penetrating and probing my life and in giving many, many relevant tools to help me overcome my issues."

    - Pastor Allen

  • "Grateful for a place to open up my life to someone qualified to evaluate my experiences and point to what’s next. In my 25 years of ministry, I can’t recall a more challenging or deepening work."

    - Pastor Mark

    QuietWaters Ministries

    A Safe Place for Soul Care

    QuietWaters has always been very “place” oriented. Our vision states “To ensure that every Christian leader and their family has a place to seek and find restoration and renewal.” Our ministry is a safe and nurturing environment for transformation to occur in the life and ministry of each leader coming through our program. It is a place for restoration of vision and renewal of the leader’s calling. It is a luminal space where the Spirit guides the leader into the deeper places their heart must go to cross the threshold into God’s holy presence. QuietWaters Retreat Center is simply a place where grace happens.

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    To renew, restore and strengthen Christian leaders and their families

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    To renew, restore and strengthen Christian leaders and their families