QuietWaters Ministries Burnout Testimonial

“Pastor Jim and Linda Wurst share their story of burnout and finding healing at QuietWaters Ministries.”

QuietWaters Plays Vital Role in Couple’s Marriage

A Place of Hope and Evidence

Turned a Corner

“I turned a corner in my life after attending QuietWaters Ministries. I had been struggling with severe depression for the better part of two years because of very severe ministry issues that over time I simply could not get through. The counselor that my wife and I had in our session was friendly, funny and incredibly gifted in penetrating and probing my life and in giving many, many relevant tools to help me overcome my issues. What was unexpected was the number of marriage issues that arose to the top and which the counselor helped us walk through. We even scheduled another week of counseling because it was so valuable.

The lodging and the food was outstanding and the hosts were pleasant and helpful and we are going back at some point in the future just to maintain the kind of care we need in our lives.”

Tremendous Blessing

“Our experience at QuietWaters was a tremendous blessing. We felt the hand of God throughout our association with the organization from the initial contact, to the host couple, the other attendees, and to the counselors who helped us process many layers of hurt and disappointment in ministry. Our experience with QuietWaters was seamless from the initial inquiry to the final goodbyes. What a transformational opportunity that no minister in need should miss.”

Hiding Place

“QuietWaters has been my Hiding Place this week. I came here completely drained and depleted. From the time I arrived, I felt the safety and began to let down. Meeting my Host who was an artist, an author and a fellow bird watcher was a gift from God. This place is truly anointed and I felt like I had been on sacred ground. There have been so many moments of grace here.”

As Host Couple

“My husband and I have served as a volunteer host couple (providing meals and light housekeeping and friendly companionship) at QuietWaters Retreat while the couples encountered intensive counseling a few hours a day from the counselors. We have seen the results in the lives of exhausted pastors, missionaries and their spouses through intensive counseling in a beautiful and restful setting. The story is best told through quotes from four thank you letters we have received: 1)”Your kind and gracious ministry were more than appreciated, they were life-giving. Many thanks for your warm hospitality and conversation.” 2)”The last few months have been the most challenging of my life. I arrived exhausted and very discouraged. Your ministry of caring meant a lot to me this week. It allowed me to focus on my walk with the Lord. Thank you for your attention to the little details this week. Thank you for your prayers.” 3)”Thank you for making us feel welcome, comfortable, and loved.” 4)”Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are for all the kindness, hospitality and love that you have given to us this week. Thank you for everything. Your presence provided a kind of covering and blessings that was so comforting.”

Twenty Years

“After twenty years in the ministry, twenty years of not taking my day off, vacation, etc., I’d reached a critical point in my life, ministry, and marriage. Our church paid for us to take two weeks and go to Denver and work with the folks from QuietWaters. We had two weeks of intensive therapy and also time just to be alone together. I can honestly say that QuietWaters saved both my marriage and my ministry. I’d highly recommend them to others who are in need of help.”

Family Retreat

“We went on a retreat for pastors and families a number of years ago that was put on by QuietWaters. It was a delightful, refreshing time for my wife and me and our four young children. The speakers were excellent, and the encouraging, Christian atmosphere was just what my family and I needed. Also, I have used QuietWaters materials many times over the years to educate my elders about the challenges I face as a pastor. The elders found the information helpful to take care of their pastor and his family, and I found the well-written materials much less awkward and much more articulate than if I tried to explain or write about my own needs.”

This was the Best Place to Go

“From my first conversation with QuietWaters I knew this place was the best place to go, I was not disappointed. From the facility, to the Host couple, to the spiritual council. The place and the people renewed, and refreshed my ministry. They taught me life skills, marriage skills, ministry skills that will be with me for life. I highly recommend all pastors and spouses to attend a two-week counseling retreat. You will be amazed at how God can work through QuietWaters. When can I go back? Yes, my spouse was equally impressed and renewed to come along side of me in my ministry. Thanks QuietWaters.”

November 4, 2010

“My world of pastoring came crashing down on me. I was at a loss where to turn and needed help, was with little hope, and sensed heaven was far away from me. Through a series of divine intervention of my son trying to find help for me, we discovered QuietWaters Ministries. I came to Denver with my wife in for a two week intensive. It was during those two weeks that I began the long journey of healing. The counselor was absolutely the best for me and us. He helped me clarify issues in my life and continually provided hope and help every day while we were there. When I left, I was given a growth development plan. I have continued to follow that plan “religiously” for it has been source for finding and restoring myself emotionally and spiritually. Simply stated, I am forever indebted in taking a broken pastor and restoring me for the Kingdom of God. I don’t know where I would be today were it not for the QuietWaters Ministries.”

Referred Pastors to QuietWaters

“Not only have I referred numerous pastors to QuietWaters Ministries, but I have personally benefited from their incredible and sensitive ministry. Too often churches seem to treat pastors as employees rather than God’s anointed ones. QuietWaters helps pastors and their families too process the world we live in and take a great internal look at who we are, what God has called us to, and what the next steps may be for healthy Christ centered service.”

Personal and Professional Crisis

“I was in personal and professional crisis. Many of the ministries I called were either too expensive or I did not meet their specific requirements. From the moment I first contacted QuietWaters Ministries by phone, they began to care for me, listen to me and help me through a very difficult period in my life. I went out to Denver for two weeks of intensive counseling. They did not try to fix my problems but helped me to work through difficult issues, reminding me often that God cares for me and will not abandon me. The staff is very professional and everything was kept confidential. My hosts never once questioned me about my circumstances but just loved me and made me feel right at home. I cannot recommend QuietWaters Ministries strongly enough. God worked through them to lead me to the still waters of His healing.”

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