Caboose MakeOver


Upon arriving at the QuietWaters Retreat one person commented, “I was anxious about meeting my counselor and about being away from my home and family, but found the Retreat Center to be a hospitable and welcoming place.”

The MakeOver of the backyard of the QuietWaters Retreat will add to it being a hospitable and welcoming place.

Today I took some pictures to be able to give you an update on the new Landscaping.

The pergola is taking place.
View of newly painted caboose.










Last Saturday a group led by Joe Lothringer including Kim Lothringer, Lisa Brown, Pat and MK Ritchen, and Les Massoletti painted our caboose RED.  We all know that cabooses are red and now QuietWaters caboose is red too.  When finished inside, the caboose will serve as a prayer chapel and a meeting room for pastoral staff meetings, church leadership meeting that need to take place during the week when the Retreat is in use.

Joe’s team from Eastern Hills Community Church.
Great painters


The finished product

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