Download the Full Version. The Compass Magazine is published twice a year by QuietWaters Ministries. The May 2015 issue is on the subject of Resilience. The magazine features two articles. One is written by Dr. Hudson McWilliams and is titled One of the Great Puzzles of Human nature.  The second...

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A Runner’s Heart for Pastors

I could regale you with dozens of stories from the last 9 months of training for my first ever marathon.  There has been humor and pain, success and failure, rain, sleet, snow, heat, and humidity.  I have studied about things like VO2 max, fartlek’s, intervals, LSD (that’s long, slow, distance),...

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Learning to Lean

It started out as a typical Thursday morning here at the QuietWaters Ministries HQ.  I began the morning looking for the devotion book that we have been using for our weekly Staff Infection (a/k/a staff meeting).  The morning continued with me contracting a severe case of conviction. We have been...

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Grief, Loss, and Hope

Be sure to download the full version. The Compass Magazine is published twice a year by QuietWaters Ministries. The May 2014 issue is title Grief, Loss, and Hope. The magazine features two articles. One is written by Tricia Lott Williford and is titled Hope 9-1-1.  The second article is written by...

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Pushing the Rock

This is a story that a very close friend of mine shared with me last year. I have searched and been unable to find the origin. This story is very significant to me. Last year, I found myself in a difficult place and I was searching for God’s direction. I cried out in desperation, much the same...

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