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Filling in the Pool

QuietWaters has an exciting project in the works.  If you can’t wait to find out what it is, or if the picture isn’t a good enough of a hint… skip to the end of this post to find out the details…

All of the construction and modification reminds me of a cultural phenomenon in America — reality television.

Reality shows are more popular now than ever.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad reality shows clogging the airwaves, like “I Cloned My Pet,” and “Finding Bigfoot.”  Personally, I’d rather see a twist on those shows: “Finding My Pet”… or “Cloning Bigfoot.”

I’m not ashamed to admit it… I love a good reality show (I know, the phrase “good reality show” is at best an oxymoron)… I only have one criteria for a “good reality show.”  It has to be about genuine change.  The really good ones inspire people to have hope.   We all want to be inspired by “normal” people who do extraordinary things.

One of the shows that kept my family glued to the television for years was Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.  Everyone in the living room was crying by the end of the program (I think the dog was even a little misty eyed).  Everyone who received a “home makeover” had their dignity restored… and had hope for the future.

QuietWaters is in the “hope business.”  People arrive in despair, and our counselors give them hope to face another day.  Our ministry puts people and families back together.  We’re kind of the Extreme Makeover: Pastor Edition.

The Retreat Center is getting a “makeover!”  We are re-landscaping the entire back yard to

Progress in the Makeover

include a fountain, fire-pit, prayer garden and other relaxing features.  More updates and photos to follow on the blog.  The garden is going to be amazing when it’s finished.

If you would like a tour of the Retreat Center, email us at [email protected].

One more thing — if you could be on any reality show — which one would it be… we might even post the results in an upcoming post.

Jason Hanselman

Vice President for Development

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