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We have a crisis in this nation, but I’m not talking about the recent financial crisis that has been in the news. The crisis I’m talking about is a crisis of leadership—Christian leadership. George Barna and others have been credited with saying that the behavior of Christians regarding divorce, law suits, materialism, and so forth is not significantly different from that of non-Christians. At Quiet Waters Ministries this has been evident in some of the pastors who have attended our Leadership Counseling Intensives. Yes, we see the inappropriate behavior that results in moral failure of pastors, and we have been privileged to help restore them to fellowship with their Lord. But we have also seen an even larger number of pastors and their spouses who have come to us after being hurt and abused by the lay leadership of their churches. Our experiences have brought us to the conclusion that there is a crisis in Christian leadership, both among pastors and lay leaders. We have learned that in most of the situations where pastors and their spouses were hurt and abused, the lay leaders were not intentionally causing…

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