Online Counseling and Spiritual Formation Intensives offer the proven service our team provides at the Retreat Center, virtually.

Your Counselor or Spiritual Director will utilize a variety of tools and techniques to create an experience that supports you in the comfort of your own environment. Through this virtual platform you will find a safe, private space for healing and renewal.

Telehealth Benefits

  • Has been shown to be effective in treating individuals, couples, families, and groups for a variety of presenting problems.
  • Works well within various therapeutic modalities.
  • Can help people obtain services when normally they could not.
  • Busy professionals can access with more ease.
  • Parents with no childcare or with busy schedules can obtain services.
  • Treatment can happen quicker in many cases using telehealth. (early intervention)
  • Privacy reduces stigma.
  • Flexibility of scheduling.
  • Rates are cheaper due to not having travel, Retreat Center expenses.

Counseling Intensives

Counseling Intensives provide an environment of truth and grace that facilitate deep change in the lives of leaders, their spouses, and their organizations. The Intensive process is designed to provide adequate time to uncover important personal and relational issues and to experience transformational change that fosters spiritual, emotional, and relationship health. Leaders and ministry couples find renewal, recovery, and restoration within an equipping and empowering context.

Download a PDF sample schedule here.

*Teletherapy is offered without limitation to those within Colorado where our licenses are held. On a case-by-case basis we will seek to provide this service to those out of the state of Colorado based on approved interstate and interjurisdictional privileges. For further information contact our office to verify our availability.  

Spiritual Formation Intensives

QuietWaters Ministries offers Spiritual Formation as one of our Pastor-to-Pastor programs. While we primarily provide on-site Intensives and face to face spiritual direction, we also provide this virtually with Christian leaders from all over the world that are unable to come to our Retreat Center. Many of our Formation Team members are ordained ministers of the gospel. We fully disclose the parameters and scope (this is not counseling or therapy) of this ministry service to the clergy population we are serving. Learn More

Download a PDF sample schedule here.

To renew, restore and strengthen Christian leaders and their families

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