Do you need a vacation?

The very attributes that make pastors, missionaries and other Christian leaders good at what they do often makes them reluctant to take a vacation. Throw in the fact that vacations can be expensive and it makes it even harder to get away.

Through our partnership with Endless Vacation Rentals and Wyndham Worldwide, QuietWaters Ministries is able to offer our Christian Leader Vacation Program. Pastors, missionaries and para-church ministry leaders now have the opportunity to experience an affordable vacation getaway. There are hundreds of locations worldwide to choose from. The Resort Vacation Certificate provides one week of accommodations for just $299 for the entire week! Certificates can be purchased by pastors or para-church ministry leaders and used for personal travel or may be purchased as a gift to a Christian leader. Certificates may also be purchased and used by missionaries (however, you must use a US or Canadian based credit card).

Here’s how to get started with the Christian Leader Vacation Program:

  1. Fill out the form below to request an access code.
  2. You will need to register on Resort Vacation Certificates’ website in order to purchase a certificate.
  3. Purchase the Christian Leader Vacation Certificate for $299 using the access code received from QuietWaters.
  4. You will receive the Vacation Certificate via email.
  5. Preview available resorts. You can do this before you purchase the certificate, but remember that availability can change daily. (Please note that the certificates are non-refundable so if your dates and/or location are very specific, we recommend finding a location first, then purchasing and redeeming the certificate immediately.)
  6. Find your perfect vacation getaway and redeem your certificate.
  7. Go enjoy your relaxing vacation getaway!

Please complete the information below and we will send you the access code to purchase your Vacation Program Certificate.

Christian Leader Vacation Form

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Please note that there have been issues with emails going through to, or email addresses. We recommend using a different email address to ensure that you receive the email with the access code.

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