Leadership Intensives

Whether you are dealing with burnout, problems within your marriage, organizational conflict or are interested in a highly productive sabbatical, QuietWaters will work with you to meet your needs.

We have been serving pastors, missionaries, and other Christian leaders since 2001. Our Leadership Intensives are highly focused counseling and spiritual formation opportunities over a one or two week period. Each day, our guests spend two to three hours working with a Licensed Professional Counselor or Certified Spiritual Director either at our beautiful Retreat Center in Parker, Colorado, or via our Telehealth option. Intensives are currently offered in English and Spanish.

There are many reasons why clients come to QuietWaters Ministries for help; however, most of our Leadership Intensives can be broken down into one or more of the following categories:

  • Burnout, Anxiety, Depression
  • Infidelity, Marriage and Family Issues
  • Church and Organizational Conflict, Termination, or Resignation
  • Sabbatical, Ministry and Spiritual Direction, and Leadership Coaching

All Intensives are individually-tailored to meet your current needs and are available for individuals and couples. We can combine aspects of a Counseling Intensive, Sabbatical Kick-off Intensive, and/or Spiritual Formation Intensive.

Counseling Intensives

Counseling Intensives provide an environment of truth and grace that facilitate deep change in the lives of leaders, their spouses, and their organizations. The Intensive process is designed to provide adequate time to uncover important personal and relational issues and to experience transformational change that fosters spiritual, emotional, and relationship health. Leaders and ministry couples find renewal, recovery, and restoration within an equipping and empowering context.

Counseling Intensives are also available as a Telehealth option. Teletherapy is offered without limitation to those within Colorado where our licenses are held. On a case-by-case basis we will seek to provide this service to those out of the state of Colorado based on approved interstate and interjurisdictional privileges. For further information contact our office to verify our availability.

Sabbatical Kickoff Intensives

Our talented program team at QuietWaters will help you make the most of your sabbatical experience. Whether you are looking for personal spiritual renewal and strengthening, planning for the future of your church, or exploring options to re-energize your ministry, the QuietWaters staff will help you develop and execute a customized sabbatical plan and experience. Learn More

Spiritual Formation Intensives

Spiritual Formation Intensives are for spiritual direction, the practice of being with leaders as they seek to deepen their relationship with God and to learn and grow in their own personal spirituality. Often leaders have lost a sense of intimacy with God or may be in a season of lament or in a desert-time when God seems silent. The Intensive process asks, “What is God trying to shape or stir in the leader’s soul?” Your Spiritual Director listens and asks questions to assist you in your personal process of reflection and spiritual growth. Spiritual formation doesn’t necessarily start with a problem. Instead, it starts with a person’s health and desire for a deeper union with Christ. These sessions are not about seeking solutions, but about seeking God. The goal is not to resolve issues but to seek God’s voice and guidance about their past, present, or future. Learn More

Spiritual Formation Intensives are also available as a Telehealth option.

Telehealth Intensives

Online Counseling and Spiritual Formation Intensives offer the proven service our team provides at the Retreat Center, virtually. Your Counselor or Spiritual Director will utilize a variety of tools and techniques to create an experience that supports you in the comfort of your own environment. Through this virtual platform you will find a safe, private space for healing and renewal. Learn More


Explore our optional add-on services, including brain mapping and skin care services through our wonderful partners! Learn More

To renew, restore and strengthen Christian leaders and their families

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