Organization & Leadership Team Training

In the fast-paced atmosphere of today’s church and the mission field, ministry organizations need to learn how to build a high trust leadership culture.

In the midst of so much upheaval, churches and mission organizations need to learn to model healthy, ethical, Christ-centered peacemaking, and they need to understand stress, anticipate resistance, and engage the dynamics in congregations and ministries. They need to learn the balance of leadership and develop appropriate boundaries in a healthy system.

We are committed to supporting ministries and leaders in their growth and development.

Our Program Team is ready to serve your organization with individually tailored training sessions, all designed to strengthen your ministry’s leadership by developing key leaders tasked with growing their leadership teams. Your team will learn to balance self-care with care for others. Leaders will become confident in leading, and ministries will learn how to support with balancing vision and oversight while the staff leadership creates plans to implement mutually agreed upon goals.

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The Organization and Leadership Team Training program can be a half day, one-day or two-day training event led by one or more of our experienced trainers.

The events can be held at our Retreat Center or often are held at the Leader’s location – church or mission headquarters.

If you have questions or are ready to schedule your team for a training event, please contact us below.

Organization and Leadership Team Training Topics

f none of these fit your interest, please contact us. We are happy to tailor our training to your needs.

Emotional Intelligence: Building High Trust on your Ministry Team

Dave Ragsdale LPC

Smart leaders often fail in relationships when they lack emotional intelligence. Coworkers struggle trusting dysfunctional leaders who are not self-aware or empathic. It’s a well-known fact that this form of Intelligence as opposed to IQ is the ultimate key to success in life and leadership. It is certainly the key to a successful ministry.

In this 1 day training event we will explore the four classic domains of EI; Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Empathy and Relationship Management. Through an EI Inventory you will receive an appraisal of your strengths and growth areas as well as key strategies for your personal relationships and professional growth as a leader. You will learn to work with your team to strengthen trust based on the emotional dimensions of your Growth Plan.

A Healthy Approach to Emotions and our Mental Health

Kim Jones LPC

If the “heart is desperately wicked” what should our relationship with emotions really be?

With so much emphasis being placed on emotional health in the world, how do Christian leaders respond biblically? How do our emotions communicate and how should we respond? This workshop will help identify more effective ways to manage and understand our emotional health.

Leading with Courage through Congregational Conflict

Dave Ragsdale LPC

In the midst of so much congregational upheaval and broken relationships, it is imperative that leaders model a healthy, ethical, Christ-centered peacemaking process through the inevitable conflicts in ministry. Leaders need trusted approaches to intervene with courage, adaptability and accountability as they provide biblical guidance and systems awareness amid the dangers and opportunities that conflict creates.

In this Training Experience, ministry leaders are encouraged in redemptive strategies that foster effective strategies for the leader who guides effective conflict resolution. Various assessments are utilized which support the participants understanding of their own style of conflict and which styles are most suitable in each situation.

Understanding Your Core Motivations for Ministry

Brian Boecker LPC

It is critical to have an ever growing clarity to our core gifting and motivation for ministry and for ministry team work. This workshop will utilize the MCORE assessment and or Strengthfinder to help individuals better understand their gifting and motivation for ministry. The goal of the time would be to have a clear personal mission statement about your unique contribution to the overall mission of the organization. This will also facilitate vital conversation as how to better synergize as a team in honoring and platforming each other’s gifts and passions.

Self-Care: Healthy Boundaries for the Hazards of Ministry

Dave Ragsdale LPC

Because the rigors of ministry put the leader at risk, balancing self-care with care for others is essential for ministry effectiveness and finishing well in life and ministry. Through self-neglect, many leaders increase their risk of burn out or resort to acting out to fulfill unmet needs. In this Training Event, leaders are equipped with the attitudes and adaptive skills needed to practice healthy boundaries, stay resilient and pace themselves and their organizations toward sustainable change.

Wounded Healers: Integrated Leaders

Hud McWilliams PhD

The Apostle Paul says that we are to grow up in “all aspects” which includes understanding our brokenness and vulnerabilities. In our journey as leaders we can become “wounded healers or “unhealed wounders” in our ministries.

In this workshop Dr. Hud McWilliams introduces key leadership formation principles and a growth model that integrates our woundedness and our healing into a story that God will use as a form of our greatest influence as a leader.

Team Building using the 16 Types

Dave Ragsdale LPC

The MBTI® instrument was developed by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs as an application of Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types. This theory suggests that we have opposite ways of gaining energy (Extraversion or Introversion), gathering or becoming aware of information (Sensing or Intuition), deciding or coming to a conclusion about that information (Thinking or Feeling), and dealing with the world around us. It is assumed that you use each of these eight parts of your personality but prefer one in each area.

In this workshop you will identify your type using the MBTI instrument and gain greater awareness of your temperament and those in your leadership team. Dave Ragsdale, a certified MBTI trainer, will guide you and your team toward a greater appreciation of your own temperament and its effects on your leadership style as well as collaborating with other styles.

To renew, restore and strengthen Christian leaders and their families

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