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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] E [/dropcap]very year at least 5,000 missionaries leave the field prematurely because of excessive stress involving personal, family, social, and ministry-related problems. Those remaining on the field face life stressors at least 2–3 times those experienced by individuals at home in the United States. (Source: Narramore Christian Foundation) That staggering statistic is often overlooked as we hear our returning missionaries tell their missionary stories on Missions Sunday. As you listen to their stories and feel your heart go out to those they are reaching with the gospel, have you ever wondered how the missionaries are really coping. Have you stopped to ask them how their children were doing, perhaps attending boarding school or going to college in the States? Do you ask how they were getting along with the other missionaries on the field? These are difficult questions, but if they are not asked and answered, your missionaries will return to the field with many unmet needs. You are a sender of this missionary. Do you know how to be a sender, and do the members of your church understand what it means to send a missionary to the field?

Download the full version.Be sure to download the full version.

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