Midlife Transition


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This year my uncle bought a “Hot Rod.” The yellow Ford pictured below is the realization of many a 1950s teen’s dream. Obviously it’s been my uncle’s dream too. Now nearing his seventies, he is realizing that dream. However, purchasing such a car is also a common symptom of midlife crisis. Perhaps his is an example of a very late onset midlife crisis. In her article titled “Midlife Transition: Embracing Your ‘Second Adulthood,’” Dr. Holly Schut addresses the phenomenon of the delayed onset of midlife. In 2008, Dr. Holly Schut launched Midlife Momentum, a ministry designed to aid people in midlife and beyond to live with God-given meaning and purpose. She has a masters in religious education from Western Seminary and a doctorate of ministry from Sioux Falls Seminary. She, along with her husband, Al, has served churches in Pella, Iowa; Portage, Michigan; Corsica, South Dakota; Brandon, Wisconsin; and Haiti. Her ministry has focused on education, spiritual formation, and congregational care. In midlife herself with three grown children and three grandchildren, Holly senses the momentum growing. In this issue we also address the “Great Expectations” of ministry from the perspective of the ministry spouse.

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