How Dry Is Your Well? A Burnout Self-Assessment Tool

Over the past ten years the following clergy burn out rating scale has been revised several times. It’s a simple inventory, and we are consistently amazed at how accurately it identifies those experiencing, or on their way to, burnout. I invite you to rate yourself.

After taking the survey, take a minute to fully absorb the meaning of your total score. If you have a score of forty or less, burnout is not really a factor in your life and ministry. If your stress and strain scores are of concern to you, you may want to focus more on the self-care strategies that deal with stress.

If you have a score of fifty or more, I recommend that you take seriously the impact that burnout is having on your ministry and primary relationships. The following reflection questions may help you focus:

  1. Because burnout usually creeps up on us unaware, recall the times when you were not experiencing this condition. What changes took place in your life and/or work to help bring this about?
  2. What are some options that could help to alleviate the symptoms of burnout?
  3. Who are the individuals or resources you can turn to help you reverse the burn-out trends in your life?

This material is from the Alban institute and was adapted from the Clergy burnout Inventory developed by Roy M. Oswald.

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