The Spirit’s Tracks Through Human Hearts


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As I listened to Dr. Ron Nydam speak to the crowd that assembled for the twenty-fifth celebration of Pastoral Counseling for Denver, I was struck by how his comments related to my experiences. He said, “Guilt and shame for sin are no longer a problem, even if they should be.” It is what I’ve been sensing in my conversations with pastors and spouses who are considering coming to Quiet Waters Ministries for our Leadership Counseling Intensives. Because of its relevance to our ministry, I knew that we needed Dr. Nydam’s presentation to become an article in our Compass magazine. In his presentation, and now in his article in this issue, Dr. Nydam states, “Today’s spiritual problem is about separation, disconnection, isolation, or what I call ‘compromised attachment’.” Many with whom I speak don’t feel like they matter to God. An oftenrepeated phrase is: “I’m not sure I’m called to ministry anymore.” Even if they have failed in some way, it is not the guilt that causes the most pain, but the disconnection from God that they are feeling most. If you’re feeling disconnected from God today, don’t try on your own to get reconnected. Get help from a…

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