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Volume 9, Number 7 July 2009
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Did you notice that this is the July Compass Online arriving in your inbox the first week in August?  I knew you would understand that working on a new Retreat Home “place” and working with the 77% increase in participants in our Leadership Counseling Intensive program has kept me a little busy.
Are you willing to be a little late with one of your projects?  I have a little saying that I repeat to myself when I’m faced with being late.  “Delays don’t mean defeat.”  It keeps me from focusing on the delay and moves me ahead to the next project.

The Test Question        
by Jim Schlottman


Thank you for your prayers for our search for a new Quiet Waters Ministries “place” for restoration and renewal.  I’m pleased to report that we have made an offer on a house that could become that “place.”


As the Board of Trustees met to make the decision about making an offer, we all wondered where the money would come from to make the purchase.  Prior to that meeting, I shared that concern in an email to Kathy Miller of Faith Mountain.  Her response was very encouraging.  She wrote, “God specializes in ‘we don’t have the money.’ He loves to show Himself to His children.  I’m praying with you.  God bless, Kathy.”


A week ago, we took a little vacation and visited a church where the speaker was Jeff Townsend who conducts training in the Middle East.  In his sermon he told us that God often gives us tests to teach us faith.  He used as his text John 6:1-13.  You know the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand.  Honestly I had never noticed that in the passage it says that He asked Philip a question, “. . . only to test him, for He already had in mind what He was going to do.”  The test question was, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?”


What is the test question God is asking you today?  Does He already know the answer?


Why did Jesus ask Philip the question if He already knew what He was going to do? 


The question He is asking me and the members of the Board of Quiet Waters Ministries is, “Where are you going to find the money to pay for the new retreat facility?”  If we apply His words in John 6, “He asked this only to test me and the members of the Board, for He already had in mind what He was going to do.”


That last statement is very hard to grab onto.  We often act as if we don’t think the Lord has a clue as to how to supply our needs.  We find it very difficult to realize that the Lord “already has in mind what He is going to do.”


Now you’ve heard the old saying that you can’t turn a ship that is not moving, so we do need to be using all of our abilities to find the answer.  However, if you’re like me that is where we stop.  We act as if it all depends on us.  So when Jeff read John 6:6 it really made an impact on my thinking about where we would get the money for the new “place.”


So why was He testing Philip and why is He testing you and me today?


The answer is very simple.  He just wants to grow our faith.


So when you get the tough questions like, “Where is the money going to come from?”  Stop and realize that it isn’t where the money is going to come from.  The real question is, “Are we going to trust the Lord?”


P.S. Please pray that our offer on the house will be accepted and that God will provide the money.



You are invited to join our Prayer Team

One of the Core Values of Quiet Waters Ministries is to be Prayer Dependent.

Since its beginning, the ministry of Quiet Waters has been dependent on prayer as one of its most important ministry values. Apart from the presence of God in the power of prayer, we can accomplish nothing of eternal significance.

Counselors regularly pray for and with their clients. In the spirit of complete confidentiality, our clients are actively prayed over by our Prayer Team and other members of the organization. 

It is because of the importance of prayer to our ministry that we are inviting you to join our Prayer Team.  Locally the Prayer Team meets monthly with the Executive Director to hear all the prayer needs of the ministry.  Others throughout the United States and Canada, and literally throughout the world are sent email updates monthly and as couples arrive at Quiet Waters for a Leadership Counseling Intensive.

If you are interested in joining the Team, please contact Jim Schlottman at [email protected] or call him at 866-5-Waters (866-592-8377).

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