Spiritual Formation Intensives

Christian leaders often lack a safe place or safe people to engage them in their spiritual journey.

QuietWaters Ministries provides the place and the Spiritual Director to meet you in the space where Christ is being formed supporting you in the next stage of your Godward journey. We understand that spiritual formation is first and foremost a work of the Spirit, but it is also a work of divine grace with which we cooperate. Therefore, it is necessary for us to give careful, sustained attention to what we can do to assist the formation of a mature, Christ-like life in ourselves (spiritual formation) and others (soul care).

Due to the extraordinary demands of ministry, leaders are often overextended and their life with God is sincere but strained, or undernourished.

Maybe you’re not necessarily seeking in-depth personal therapy or strategic coaching, but simply want a place to rest, pray, and reconnect with God and his good purposes in some fresh ways. The Spiritual Formation Intensive (SFI) not only provides you with a quiet place to retreat and refresh, but also an opportunity to have candid conversation with a seasoned Spiritual Director regarding your spiritual journey.

Christian leaders seldom have a safe place to honestly address the inherent personal challenges of the life of faith.

Maybe you suffer from lack of motivation, disillusionment, theological transitions, self-imposed or cultural expectations, or are wrestling with God and the Scriptures. Our Spiritual Directors listen and ask questions to help and assist you in deepening your reflection and further cultivating your relationship with God.

Next Steps

We offer a 10-hour, 3-day and a 15-hour, 5-day retreat-based opportunities either at our Retreat Center in Parker, Colorado, or via our Telehealth virtual option. You will work with a Spiritual Director for three hours per day. Your Spiritual Director will personalize the approach for you and your ministry.

To renew, restore and strengthen Christian leaders and their families

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