300 Give to Make Wounded Whole


[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] T [/dropcap]hree hundred people braved rain and cold on April 16 to prove their dedication to helping Christian leaders find restoration and renewal through QuietWaters Ministries. The generosity and sacrifice of donors present at the annual Shepherd’s Blessing Dinner enabled ongoing ministry to hurting pastors, missionaries and key Christian leaders. The evening emphasized how God uses QuietWaters in His healing work of “Making the Wounded Whole.” A matching gift challenge issued by an anonymous donor motivated others to give bigheartedly, and $50,000 was received in gifts and commitments that night. In an uncertain economy, Christians once again revealed their trust is in God. They opened their pocketbooks to bless pastors and others who are facing critical emotional and spiritual needs. In his talk on “Making the Wounded Whole,” Dr. Jerry White referred to the “wounded warrior” who needs to allow someone into his life as part of the healing process. At QuietWaters, our counselors are those significant “someones.” All our clients are served in a confidential environment. However, from time to time, a client will provide a thank-you note which we can share. In the words of one wounded warrior who has been made…

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To renew, restore and strengthen Christian leaders and their families

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