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the author of this issue’s article “Harmless?” told me about her experience. When she said she was thinking of writing a book about her story, I asked her to share a portion of it in Compass. That was prior to the media frenzy brought on by the fall of Ted Haggard and other Colorado clergy. With Amy’s story as the lead in this issue, we’re addressing the timely and difficult topic of infidelity among ministry leaders. It is my hope that you will find Amy’s story painful to read but eye opening to the problem. “Harmless?” is a true story lived out by the author (whose real name is not Amy Chanan) in which she describes the high price paid when we become involved in pornography and infidelity. She also makes the strong point that society is wrong when it tries to get us to believe that pornography is just harmless fun. With the help of Dave Ragsdale and Mike Williams, we are providing both avoidance and restoration strategies to ministry leaders and congregational leaders regarding this topic of infidelity. Dave Ragsdale is our director of counseling and consulting and has extensive experience with helping fallen ministry leaders. In his article, “Lead Us Not into Temptation,” Dave

Download the full version.Be sure to download the full version.

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