Sacred Discontent


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The church is the most dangerous place for pastors to serve. But it is where they have been called by God to serve. When visiting with pastors and their spouses who are participating in one of our Leadership Counseling Intensives, I often share that statement. I then remind them that that “dangerous place” didn’t change while they were enjoying the comfort of the QuietWaters Retreat Center. They are going to be returning right back into that “dangerous place.” Every day I hear stories from pastors and their spouses about hurtful and mean actions by their churches. They are pulled into conflicts and situations that they didn’t create. They are terminated without any warning. Their sermons are attacked, their children are criticized, and they are the subject of untrue rumors. I know that pastors make wrong decision and do things that they shouldn’t, but more often they are the unfair target of a struggle between church members. Eugene Peterson says, “Every congregation is a congregation of sinners. As if that weren’t bad enough, they all have sinners for pastors.” After hearing the stories day in and day out, I tend to become a bit cynical. But in this issue of the Compass, Dr. Varney helps us understand what he calls “sacred discontent.” According…

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